Hey Ski Friends!

Happy New Year

2022 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!

Join me in Val d'Isere on the Ski Slopes in person. Let's do it!

If you haven't done so yet, dive deeper...

Learner and underconfident intermediate Skiers see:

Ultimate Skiing Secrets, Beginner to Parallel Success

For piste Skiers wanting more off piste see:

Ultimate Powder Skiing, Introduction to Off Piste Success

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Here's to 2022.

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I place a big focus on what I call 'Gods foods'... whole, natural foods.....

Steer clear of corporate rubbish, nasty enticing foods that target your attention on the food shelves. Shame on the fake food giants that are destroying the beautiful human body MACHine! - Promises of goodness are weak in their ads and messages.

They're not in your best interest, you are not to become their bottom line, your MAXimum potential can only be achieved by drilling deeper on a cellular level.

Strip it down to the basics, rework your diet, build.


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Fancy a Slice...

Check out my Chocolate Orange Cake.

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Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay

Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay


Martin racing at Ironman with Alistair Brownlee. Pumped!

Martin with Alistair


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