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It's time to believe. You can achieve more than your mind will allow you. This is and has always been most peoples road block...

Begin by writing down your ski goals, plans, then go and do. In that order!

Best wishes,


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Dear Ski Friends,

In December 2020 I made a visit to Alex for some new Ski boots, get yourself set up properly.



December 2020

Don't underestimate the power of detail and persistence.

Consider your mental approach to everything you do leading up to your next Ski trip. Then have clear goals when you actually get on your Ski's.

When I was racing and later training towards my Skiing Diploma I never treated any moment as 'Ordinary'. I was always forward thinking.... I took rapid action... and had intense focus... oh... and never mind what peers think, they're almost always wrong.

Go for it 'More'.


Fancy a Slice...

Check out my Chocolate Orange Cake.

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Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay

Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay


Martin racing at Ironman with Alistair Brownlee.

Martin with Alistair


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