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Ski Safety Tips

Your Skiing Safety is paramount at all times.

At skimckay on and off piste skiers are taught and encouraged to ski safe and smart.

That means thinking right, dressing right, feeding right, warming up right, stretching right and skiing right.

There's an order to skiing safety and success, it's very much hierarchical.

As Skier's advance they're often in a rush to progress. One thing Martin shows Skiers right away is to steady up... this builds skier's confidence and clarity.

Intermediate skier's usually have a longing to learn how to carve their ski's. The Art of Skiing isn't so much about the carving turn, this is only one tiny part of the bigger picture...

Once Skiers get to the stage of Off Piste Skiing they're taught to manage their speed better...

Off Piste Skiing isn't about racing to the slopes after a fresh snowfall to get the first tracks in place... Rather it's about being smart and responsible with your control. We are the "hunted" and your survival depends on you being alert.

Get that in order and you're free to leave the best tracks and return home safely.


The Mountain possesses natural hazards, showing respect and a willingness to learn is all part of the journey.

Martin encourages an open humble attitude that will set you apart from the rest ensuring you have a Safe and Successful Skiing future!

Good to know

Always wear a transceiver.
Watch the daily weather forecast.
Never follow the crowd, they're always wrong.
Ski with friends.
Carry a rucksack with spare kit.

Skiing Safety




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