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Becoming a successful skier requires many factors. Looking after yourself comes first, without that nothing else can work out.

It also requires a 'Steely Determination' to go that extra mile!

Total focus on your wellbeing is part of the journey to skiing success.

Good fitness is paramount if you wish to develop your full skiing potential.

Skiing well on and off piste requires excellent Cardiovascular, Strength and Flexibility.

The secret is to make the most of your spare time and enjoy regular fitness outings.

Go for a run, ride, swim and to the gym... mix it up...

Remember to warm up well, and down.

Ultimately you need to train with movements that have a parallel to skiing movements... Do some aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Good to know

Work out three times a week minimum.
Mix up your exercise regime.
Bike, Run, Swim and include strength work.
Always Warm up and Warm down.
Believe in yourself, notch it up.

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