Ski Instruction in Val d'Isere and Online

Ski Instruction in Val d'Isere and Online

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Skiing is the Ultimate Escape...

In the right hands anyone can master it....

The UK's Leading Ski Coaching On and Off Piste.

Martin builds Confident and Technically Strong Skier's.

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Martin is a highly specialised Ski Coach On and Off Piste.

He holds the Worlds highest Skiing diploma, the French B.E.E.S 1er degré Ski Alpin.

Martin is a former competitive Skier in Alpine Slalom, Giant Slalom, Downhill and Freestyle Mogul Skiing.

He is formally the 17th fastest Skier in Great Britain.

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Learning to Ski will change your life.... It's a healthy and fun sport that everyone can enjoy, there's no age barriers!

From easy Green graded Ski runs to Blues, Reds and Black slopes, Ultimate Skiing Secrets will show you how to Ski with confidence.

If you are an experienced piste Skier yet wish to master Off Piste Skiing properly then Ultimate Powder Skiing is the key to the Palace, here you'll be shown the complete process in off piste technique, etiquette, safety, coolness and control!

This will make you a safe, strong and independent Off Piste Skier.

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Ultimate Powder Skiing - Introduction to Off Piste Success

June 14th, 2021

Dear Friend,

Today I swam 3K in the Sea. Choppy in places. Sharks and Seals about. That's what I like to do, what others mostly don't.

If you want to Master Skiing or just have some real Skiing adventure then join me.

Watch my Welcome Ski Film here.

Learn more here June 2021.

Best wishes,

Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay

Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay

Ski Instructor Martin Mckay

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Special notice: To join Martin you must have a high level of independent fitness and not be dependent on close contact.

All Skiers must be able to carry their own skis, poles and fully fit their own Ski boots at all times. Meeting at residences is not possible under any circumstances. Meetings take place outside.

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