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Ski Nutrition and Energy Secrets

Good nutrition is crucial for peak performance.

Without plenty of good quality food you're going to hit a wall and struggle to cope. In turn your performance will suffer.

Complex carbohydrates and a nutrient rich diet is essential for good skiing energy. Such a diet will keep you going for longer and in turn power your performance.

Your energy requirements can increase upto ten to twenty times more than your resting needs when skiing, coupled with the cold environment and your physical exertion, there's lot of demand on your body!

Get your nutrients from a good mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Set yourself up with a good breakfast. Start with some fresh fruit. Then enjoy some porridge, wholemeal bread, eggs, smoked salomon, greens. Top it off with a glass of orange juice and tea or coffee.

On the ski slopes take plenty of energy, pack dried fruit, an apple, maybe a bit of dark chocolate for a treat. Ensure you stay hydrated.

Lunch could consist of fresh fruit, hot soup and salad if you don't want to over eat, or maybe a good plate of Spaghetti and a generous mixed salad.

So Tasty!

Breakfast - Porridge / Banana. Egg on the side.
Keep hydrated with water and fruit.
Have a large salad and soup for lunch.
Stop for a Coffee Break - Live a little!
Cut back on Sugar intake.

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