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Learn To Ski Powder without falling over lots!

FREE Powder Skiing Guide

Learn How to Ski Powder snow with Confidence and Control.

Most skier's struggle off piste. They ski too fast and lose control.

Skiers usually gamble their way down the Mountain, guessing rather than knowing what th are doing.

In this Free Guide Martin will show you what you need to know.

This will give you the "Best Start" off piste.

You'll be the envy of your friends when you master the secrets off piste.


FREE How to ski powder guide


Whats required off piste and why.
How to control your speed safely.
The most important rule off piste.
Why most skiers Struggle in powder.
How to stay safe off piste.
And much, much more.

Being able to ski down any off piste ski run safely is key. Being certain that you can go from turn to turn smoothly will guarantee you much more fun when skiing.

Here Martin shares some very important facts to put the odds in your favour and help you to ski better off piste.

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Picture of Martin Mckay, Ski Instructor, Coach and Guide from Val d'Isere

Martin Mckay is one of the World's Leading Ski Coaches.

For over 25 years he has helped skiers make huge personal skiing breakthroughs.

Martin has customers on every continent and regularly advises private hobby skiers, celebrities and athletes on how to approach and improve their current Skiing for success.

He's a believer in building a skier's confidence right off the bat, nothing less.

Martin is a former Ski racer having competed in Downhill ski racing, Giant slalom and special slalom as well as freestyle mogul skiing. Formally one of the fastest Skiers in Great Britain. He has also competed alongside Olympic greats such as Gold medalist Jonny Moseley, mogul skier extraordinaire.

Martin holds the Worlds highest and most prestigious ski qualification, most notably the French BEES 1er degre ski alpin, arguably the toughest technical test of mental and physical skiing skill and also the grade 4 basi diploma.

Your skiing Safety, Enjoyment and Learning is central in all ski lessons.

Martin is in keen international demand as a teacher of skiing both on and off piste in powder snow.

Having featured in extreme ski movies, competitions and as an action model in the World's best skiing playground, France, Martin is your first choice if you want to succeed!

Learn to Ski Powder - Free Guide




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Learn to Ski Powder - Free Guide

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