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Discover the Magic of Snow Skiing - Don't Struggle!

BEGINNER TO PARALLEL SUCCESSLearn How To Ski System - DVD, Book and 5 Golden Keys

The System

Ultimate Skiing Secrets - Beginner to Parallel Success is the ultimate
in - depth programme to Learn How To Ski.

Discover the things to avoid that cause many Skiers pain and set-backs,
causing them to never advance with confidence!

This includes Online Access, The 5 Golden Keys, Video Analysis, The A4 Large Binder and optional DVD to all aspects of learning How To Snow Ski Properly for complete beginners.

This breakthrough programme is also essential for you if you are a rusty, underconfident
intermediate skier... WHY, Beacause Martin lays out the 47 Stages to Total Skiiing
Success, from a Beginner > to an Intermediate, then to Parallel Skiing!

Exclusively with World Leading Ski Coach Martin Mckay.

Based on Martin's three decades of work at the cutting edge of Ski Instruction, Coaching and Guiding, this System will give you:-

A detailed guide to building your ski confidence and control during the initial stages as a learner skier, ensuring you have the correct ground works in place.

The Important elements that ensure you are able to control your skiing speed and how to guarantee your movements work correctly when you need them so they're fail-safe.

An in depth introduction to basic skiing turns so they'll stand you in good stead as
you progress, ensuring you don't ever regress.

The transition phase to parallel skiing and how to use simple movement patterns correctly
with clarity and finesse.

Advanced skiing techniques and vital tips that will
guarantee you parallel skiiing success.

And lots, lots...

£97.00 - £597.00

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Finally Learn How To Master Snow Skiing


Ski boots and how to put them on the right way.

How to clip in and out of your ski boots correctly.

The truth about how to stand on your skis. Most
people get this wrong.

Walking and warming up on your ski's properly.

Building confidence when climbing small slopes.

How to use your ski poles to help you at the early stages.

The importance of being ready for your first skiing run.

How to build the right foundations to become a top skier.

Speed control is the answer: Essential introduction.

How to get up if you fall over so that you don’t struggle.

Learn How To Ski System - DVD, Book and 5 Golden Keys

Discover and Master....

How to control your speed when skiing early on.

The essential snowplough golden rule to follow.

Perfecting the snowplough up close for effectiveness.

The importance of segmenting this stage to be clearer.

How to reinforce speed control for consistency.

The build up to using your skiing brakes safely.

How to stop suddenly in an emergency at speed.

Why maintaining smoothness is absolutely crucial on skis.

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Discover and Master....

Learning how to make your first turn on skis.

Breaking down the movements of the snowplough turn.

The importance of the MIDDLE stage.

Structuring your ski turns to make rapid improvements.

How to master the turn in slow motion.

The secret to build your confidence at this early stage.

See and learn from two view points, front and back.

Cementing the turning movements clear in your mind.

How to take advantage of time in the turn.

Learn How To Ski System - DVD, Book and 5 Golden Keys

Discover and Master....

How to go from a snowplough to a basic swing.

Understanding the basic ski swing - inside leg action.

How to breakdown the parts in the correct order.

The BIG Golden Rule.

What your upper body should be doing and why.

Traversing on skis and its useful and powerful benefits.

The most important skill in skiing and how to use it.

How to be able to control your skis in all directions.

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Discover and Master....

How to go from a basic swing to a parallel skiing turn.

The importance of making one turn at a time.

How to use your natural range - Most skier’s fail.

Why you need to use your range to ski efficiently.

How to make the parallel ski turn in the correct order.

Using your ski edges to give your precise control.

How to use your skiing poles to maximise your stability.

Mastering your ski poles and turns to create fluidity.

The complete parallel turn with style and control.

Learn How To Ski System - DVD, Book and 5 Golden Keys

And lots, lots more....

Learn How To Ski Successfully

Dear Skier,

Would you like to learn how to ski with confidence and control so you can descend the Mountain skiing slopes easily.

Learning How to Ski without constantly falling over and remaining confident is the best way! Most skiers struggle, they fall often, they are very confused and never really master the parallel skiing turn.

In Ultimate Skiing Secrets, Beginner to Parallel Success, Martin Mckay will show you how to ski from a learner all the way through to a Parallel Skiing expert.

This will show you how to go from day one of putting on your Ski boots to walking on Skis, leanring to stop, turn then progressing all the way through to the much envied Parallel Skiing Turn.

Martin Mckay coaches Professionals, Holiday Skiers and Celebrities from all over the World on how to ski successfully.

In Ultimate Skiing Secrets, Beginner to Parallel Success Martin will show you the 47 Secrets on Film DVD, in his Binder Book as well as his 5 Golden Keys.

Martin Reveals the Absolute Essentails of Learning How To Ski

This is for you if you want to become a 'Confident' Skier and have the 'Most Fun' from Skiing whilst remaining 'Safe' at all times!

It's for you if you're a complete Beginner and have never Skied.

Other Skiers with some ski experience can benefit too...

For example, if you have already skied and are lacking in 'Confidence' and 'Comprehension' then you are advised to immerse yourself in this Skiing System as it will totally re build your 'Abilty' and 'Confidence'. This is requried viewing for any person wishing to Master Skiing.

This is the GOLD STANDARD for any 'Wannabe Skier'.

Martin has spent the last three decades perfecting this System and will show you how to become a Successful Skier through each video stage, 1 to 47.

This is his Complete done for you, paint by numbers Learn To Ski System that will give you the correct etiquette, clarity, technique, certainty, confidence and assurance that you'll be able to ski safely with maximum fun.

Every skier should be able to master Skiing, not just struggle along!

Here Martin simplifies and delivers the 47 Secrets that you'll require.

Spanning over 5 Milestones you'll step through each stage in a simple and easy way.

From the basics you must know to becoming a Parallel Skiing Expert.

No stone is left un turned.

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The Complete System Includes:-

The Learn to Ski DVD Film + Online private members page

The 47 Secrets to Learning How To Ski. Filmed up close in Val d'Isere, France. This breakthrough Film is mind blowingly simple to follow, fast to absorb and a treasure trove of powerful video images. A Skiers must have! Guard it with your life! Martin shows you all the steps requried.

Each step is crystal clear and will help you to avoid common habits that skiers pick up when they are not properly shown in traditional ski school. This Film reveals all and will ensure you get a fast track start.

The Learn to Ski A4 BINDER

100 Pages Detailing all 47 Secrets. This also includes the Bonus Secrets that are not featured on the DVD FILM. These are essential extras that will give you the ultimate skiing advantage.

This is the Bible of Skiing for Complete Learners as well as those who want to be fully immersed in Skiing Basics right up to Parallel Skiing.

As mentioned above...

Intermediate and advanced Skiers should also own this. The chances are your past Ski instruction may not have been good enough and your confidence and clarity could well require a much needed boost.

The 5 Golden Keys

Rules of Engagement to follow for Learning How To Ski Properly. These never change and should be part of the mix. Leave these out and your skiing will not be as good as it could be.


You'll also recieve...

A Free future coaching video call with Martin to pin point your progress and a game plan for further success.

£97.00 value - Free with the System.

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Ultimate Skiing Secrets

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The whole System will be delivered to your door by registered mail.

The DVD (+ Online access)
The A4 Binder
The 5 Golden Keys
+ Bonus A FREE Coaching Video Call with Martin

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