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Learn to Ski and Transform Your Skiing with Martin Mckay.

Leading Private and Group Ski Instruction for Skier's who want to succeed on the ski slopes, On or Off Piste - Not Fail!


Martin will show you How to Ski Powder, Improve your Skiing or Learn to Ski like an Expert, whats more, Easily.

Learn with style, flair and confidence. Avoiding the very common problems that most skiers face... Don't become another average skier... NO WAY....

Improve your skiing in Val d'Isere

"Just Incredible" - Emma Johnson

From Piste Skiing, Powder Skiing, Moguls to Steep Slopes....

Learn to ski powder off piste in Val d'Isere

If you would like to become a very Competent and Confident Skier then look no further. Skiing lessons are taught in a safe and secure environment.

Master Your Skiing On or Off Piste

Learn To Ski The Moguls - Like a Pro Transform Your Skiing Easily - 100%
Learn To Ski The Moguls - Like a ProLeading British Ski Instruction - No Confusion
Learn To Ski The Moguls - Like a Pro With Coach Mckay - World's No.1
Learn To Ski The Moguls - Like a Pro Learn How to Ski Powder Snow
Learn To Ski The Moguls - Like a Pro Learn, Improve or Become an Expert!
Get The Perfect Ski Technique Learn How to Improve Your Skiing
Grow Your Ski Confidence - Less stress Become Ski Confident - Less Fearful
Get The Perfect Ski Technique Learn How to Ski from a Beginner
Learn To Ski The Moguls - Like a Pro Est. 1988 - The Original and Best

Learn To Ski with skimckay

Join Martin, Coach Mckay....

Piste skiers looking to learn and master how to ski with sound skiing technique and confidence are guaranteed a gradual and positive progression through each skiing level. From Greens, Blues, Red's to Black runs...

If you want to learn and master off piste powder skiing you'll be shown and taught the essentials in off piste safety and control. This will enable you to be independent when skiing off piste. Giving you the freedom and control you desire.

For the more ambitious skier looking to master the moguls. Martin will take you by the hand and show you the absolute best way to ski through the bumps with ease and control.

If you want to become more competent on steeper slopes so you're able to negotiate yourself confidently on more challenging terrain then Martin will teach you the cruical aspects of skiing technique and mindset required to match any expert.

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Central to all ski lessons...

Underpinning all skiing lessons lies a constant theme of confidence building. This is the corner stone to skiing control that leads to excellence. You deserve the best experience, don't cut corners, but do it right.

Skiing Safety is central to our Skiing Philosophy.

Are you ski fit enough?

You should have a good fitness level to join Martin. Skiing is a demanding sport, so a healthy level of fitness is essential.

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I show people How to Ski Powder properly. I also show people How to Ski, from scratch.

If you are a good skier, I can also Show You How to Improve Your Skiing with great success.

This isn't for just anyone. This is only for you if you want the best and to experience rapid development.

if you have the passion and are determined to have a go and maybe even dream to succeed on skis then drop me a line today.

From a Beginner Skier, an Intermediate to an Off Piste Skiing Expert, I'll show you the things you Must know, What to avoid, Why and How to go about building a Super confident skiing experience and technique.

Learn to Ski the Mountain with Ease, Confidence and Control.

Get started now, below are some helpful resources to help you boost your Skiing.

Learn How to Ski - Free Guide

(For Learners and Intermediate Skiers)

FREE Download - Learner Essential Ski Tips

If you haven't skied before then grab my Essential Skiing Tips Here, this will help you to get the best start in Skiing and be better prepared to avoid common errors that haunt Skier's from days gone by!

PLUS > If you're a nervous or under confident Intermediate / Advanced Skier then this guide is also for you. It will give you clarity and boost your Skiing confidence no end.

Improve your Skiing - Free Guide

(For Intermediate and Advanced Skiers)

Free Download - Improve Your Skiing Guide

If you're an Intermediate / Advanced Skier lacking in confidence or good skiing technique and you feel like your Skiing isn't progressing as much as you'd like it to or you want to tidy up your Skiing then go right ahead!

Become a Clearer, more Confident and Successful Skier.

Learn to Ski Powder - Free Guide

(For Intermediate and Advanced Skiers)

Become clear about Skiing off piste so you can control your descent through the powder snow safely and easily. Just click the link and complete the form.

FREE Download - How To Ski Powder Guide

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Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay

Val d'Isere Ski Instructor Martin Mckay

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